Apetamin Syrup
Apetamin Syrup

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Your true partner in the kitchen - non-MSG, healthy, and versatile as additive for many recipes.

About Us

thumb imagesAFRIQMART Genuine African and Caribbean Products is a premier retail business in Texas, offering a sizable display of market commodities and products. Our stock boasts a stock of affordable merchandise, all carefully selected from the most reliable producers and suppliers in the US food and comestible materials industry.

AFRIQMART puts up a brand of excellence in provisioning quality customer care along with a reliable partner of store-to-consumer service organization that puts our growing client base on top of our priorities. We cultivate a healthy economy of exchange between your local market and your plate by mediating produce and channeling quality where accessible – online.

Is to provide the highest quality food, good customer service and a clean atmosphere for our customers.

At AFRIQMART Genuine African and Caribbean Products, expect to always find new items to try and crazy deals that will put you on the front advantage. We are always looking for ways to serve you and your demands better.

Our available products currently includes:

  • Canned Fish
  • Canned Food
  • Canned Meat
  • Beverages
  • Frozen Items
  • Recipes
  • Phone Cards
  • Cosmetics
  • Smoked Fish

Feel free to explore this website and find the products you need. Should you have questions, kindly contact us to be assisted at once.